Thursday, July 26, 2012


EL'S LIGHTHOUSE is an awesome homage to House music, Superman franchise and a few other mentionables that you'll just have to see/hear for yourselves 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

FLASHBACK; CHEVONNE Sneaks Into ANOM!LE Jam In 2001!!!

CALLING ALL HEADZ!!!; 2001 - Now, who let this lil' fiyacrackah in?!?!? lol The second time we had ever seen Chevonne [PLURCO party with Davy Hay ft. DJ Eris in Huntsville that we played the night before was the first]. Here she is just after sneaking her underaged self into our event back in the day [and no, we didn't know]! ^_^

Chevonne Dancing

STARSH!P: Seraph M- 4026 ::Light/Sound Platform:: | Myspace Video

Saturday, July 7, 2012


David Jean  plays as "Daywalker" who is coming into a new realm of ownership, but has to tackle some pretty harrowing obstacles along the way.

Stationed at a Mars RED1 outpost, our rookie STARSH!P pilot reluctantly goes on a "skeleton crew" mission to liberate a weakened sector of the Kuiper belt, the emotional line of skirmish/scrimmage and the rim of H.A.D. [Hurt and Despair], in order to save his crew and precious Love on the brink.

Can he do it? Will he make it OUT aLIVE? What lay beyond when HE DOES?

This is what it sounds like.

Help them fight off the enemy at the Eris LUNAR COMMAND [Classic Atari Trajectory/Defense Sim VG] until David gets there. PLAY the VIDEO GAME
[also has BGM mute to play and listen to Rekk!d Bag Radiomixes simultaneously]!

DAYWALKER DAVID JEAN, NOW PLAYING LIVE at FUEGO CANTINA B'HAM, AL on FRIDAY NIGHTS and select weakends; ask for him by name and tell them that STARSH!P sent ya to review the FOOD, BAR and STAFF!

Original graphic source.