Tuesday, September 18, 2012

VIRTUAL ART SCHOOL - Free Classes!!!

How-To's & Techniques
Video playlists by M Jvlian Simmons
Original art by Alex Grey

Ever wanted to learn to draw but no one had either the knowledge nor the time to teach you?

Did you just forget about it, thinking that its "just not in your blood" to know how that's done?

No longer is this skill/talent withheld from you.

Welcome to your own PERSONAL art class!

Here is all one needs to get started drawing like the pros.

We've compiled some of the best art instruction videos that teach many different and varying styles of art from cartooning to realism, anime' and even animal art and landscaping angles.

Personal Tips:


I love to listen to music whenever I draw/create, however, I prefer music with as little vocals as possible unless it has something consistent to do with my initial creative idea.

Vocals/subject matter may vary too much from song to song (ie., anger, love, politics, religion, etc.) and throws my mood.

I recommend Electronica, Hip-Hop instrumentals, Jazz and Symphony orchestra-   
..but listen to whatever the piece you're working on calls for.

When you're drawing a cowboy then play some country and Western; perhaps futuristic pieces require more spacey music- 
..you get the idea.


For the most part, "regular 60lb bun" (typing paper), a #2 pencil and an ink pen will do for starters.

Begin a collection of supplies including more advanced forms of art paper (sketchpads, bristol, tracing, watercolor, construction, canvas-types, etc.).

 Tools like extra pencils, sharpeners, Sharpies (thick & thin), color pencil/markers, watercolor set and brushes, erasers (rubber and gum).

Then perhaps onto chalks, pastels, oils and acrylics or whatever medium you prefer to specialize in.


Its most important to let yourself go when you draw.

 It gets frustrating at times when trying to get it right but if it gets too bad, just let it rest and take a break.

If it can't be fixed, try to retrace it to make a better draft than the first.

Even though mistakes happen, try to have fun during your journey to visualization, wherever it takes you.


Much of the art done in this collection is done in time-lapse video.

So don't be discouraged if you're finding it difficult to keep up while you draw along with them; just pause the video until you're ready to continue.

Original Art by Chad W Greene; click to visit!

The following lessons will be within these links in video format.

After you click the desired class level, opening them in a new tab, the Youtube listing will appear and you can click the "Play All" button or search through the listing for particular lessons/levels.

ART LESSONS: How- To's & Techniques

[Click class level to activate playlist]
Are you ready to "level-up" and take your skills to a whole new plateau?

Click any of the following links to download some of the programs we use to create content for STARSH!P (plus video tutorial playlists for each option, to help you train fast).

Each link is Cnet secured, meaning they're clean and source-direct.

the Paint.net interface

the Audacity interface

the NCH Videopad interface

Upon installation of these programs, the software company will usually offer you more than what you need before it even begins to install (often unnecessary extra programming from other partners).

Make sure to choose "custom install" and to uncheck the needed tabs, so it won't give you add-ons you do not need. 

Don't worry, you won't mess anything up. lol

Any questions?
Hit us up in the comment section and video tutorials will be up soon-
..good luck, STARSH!Ppers!


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